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At Greene County Fertilizer Company, we believe that all plants need a healthy diet. That’s why we developed concentrated and ready-to-use lawn and garden fertility products for professional use. Using our products on garden plants increases color; produces longer-lasting blooms; adds significant growth to all types of plants and produces high yielding garden vegetables.

Green County Fertilizer Company’s patent-pending formulas are a mix of liquid fertilizer, plant nutrients and soil amendments blended for flowers and vegetables.  We believe that if we take care of the plants and soil, they will take care of us. By using our high-quality products, you are ensuring the health and well-being of your customers’ plants.  Our products are engineered to produce outstanding results from the ground up, without the harmful side effects of pollutants.

When you use our soil amending fertilizers and specialty fertility products, you are free to focus on providing good service, solving seasonal problems, and cultivating a good relationship with your customers. Results, affordability, sustainability, flexibility, ease of use, and non-toxic environmental responsibility are in every gallon of our fertilizers and specialty fertility products. 

Professional Fertilizers and Specialty Fertility Products

Your Greene County Fertilizer Company Representative will help you craft the ideal product blend(s), application rates, timing, to maximize your results.

N-Ext RGS™ 1.0-gal bottle
0-0-2 MicroGreeneSK™ Fertilizer
0-0-2 MicroGreeneSK™ Fertilizer

N-Ext™ DIY products

Each product in the N-Ext™ DIY package offerings for homeowners is designed to address different soil/plant needs within a fertility program throughout the growing season.

N-Ext RGS™ 1.0-gal bottle
N-Ext Humic12™ 1.0-gal bottle
0-0-2 MicroGreene™ 1.0-gal bottle
Greene County Fertilizer Company

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Greene County Fertilizer Company is a manufacturer and supplier of soil amending fertilizers for liquid lawn care, garden, turf care and agricultural products, specialty fertility products, humic acid, private label fertilizer products, custom blends, bio-based fertilizers, made in the USA.

Distributor of Lawn and Ornamental pest control products.